What is Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back 5000 years. The word Qigong consists of two separate words: “Qi” and “Gong”. “Qi” is translated as vitality, life-force energy. It is a functional activity of the organs in the body. Without Qi we would not be able to move and live in general. The second word “Gond” means work. So, if we put the two words together, then, on a simple level, Qigong can be translated as “energy work”.

Today, there are over 3000 documented types of Qigong. There are also different styles of Qigong out there, including Daoist, Martial, Buddist, Confusionist and Medical. This blog will focus on Medical or Healing Qigong – Qigong that was specifically designed for health and longevity.

Unique Feature of Healing Qigong

What distinguishes this Healing Qigong from all other styles is the special attention to the organs and meridians or energetic channels of the body. In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that all illnesses arise from imbalances and stagnation in the meridians, as well as toxins and negative emotions, which accumulate in our organs. If meridians are blocked, the proper nutrients, oxygen and Qi cannot flow to the organs, resulting in stagnation and, consequently, disease. To break through stagnation, we need to create a pulse of energy. This pulsing is done by coordinating breath with intention and movement in dynamic Healing Qigong.

The same way you need to regularly brush your teeth or take a shower, you also need to wash your insides – opening your meridians by squeezing and stretching the organs gently and beginning to oxygenate your whole body. Each Qigong exercise is specifically designed to move the Qi energy through the meridians and organs, releasing any toxic emotions and blockages and restoring a natural balance to our whole body.

Balanced Practice 

Here, at Change Works we offer weekly Qigong classes held by White Tiger Qigong Instructor. What differentiates White Tiger Qigong from other Qigong styles is a constant state of change in the movements from tension to relaxation, hard to soft, fast to slow. It is important to alternate dynamic and still movements in order to have that balance inside and outside. Qigong training brings your body and mind back into balance and maintains a free circulation of Qi energy throughout your channels.

White Tiger Qigong practice, unlike other Qigong, works from the surface all the way into the core. It is strengthening and toning everything in the body and creates what we call the “Bamboo Body”. It is strong, yet flexible, supple and elastic. This system of forms remodels your body returning it to its original alignment.

For more information about group and individual classes, please send us an email at info@changeworksad.com