Slow Down.

Instead of rushing through your morning, take it easy. Enjoy whatever lazy routine you may have, without any anxiousness to get out the door. I spent the morning sipping coffee and gathering old rolls of film that needed developing. I put time aside for awhile, and it was lovely. I’m saving the speedy mornings for Mondays.

Art Crawl.

When is the last time you decided to check out some art? Unfortunately, it’s been a while for me, until now. I’m going to make a point to dedicate some time to it. It’s something that I know I should do more often, because each time I do, I feel inspired and eager to go create something beautiful. Detaching yourself from your own art can help you explore new ideas that have been hiding deep within. Go buy a ticket to the art museum. Visit a free gallery. Or, if it’s beautiful out, grab your pup and seek out some street art.

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